Wowio is going worldwide!

I can’t believe my eyes…I feel like someone who just died and went to heaven…umm..after a second thought..not that much..wowio.com has been US only since it was open, and it did hurt me when I saw those tons of free books, kind of like a broke kid in an ice cream shop, I just wanted to tell you guys this news first..take care 🙂 …and sign up for the notification!


The Hoax!..


Hey, so I couldn’t write anything for a while because of something called “the writer’s block”…I didn’t think that it would get to me but appearantly it did…till this morning…I woke up and turned on the TV and there it was, The Hoax, one of Richard Gere’s most wonderful roles..info from imdb.com

Early in 1971, McGraw-Hill passes on Clifford Irving’s new novel. He’s desperate for money, so, against the backdrop of Nixon’s reelection calculations, Irving claims he has Howard Hughes’s cooperation to write Hughes’s autobiography. With the help of friend Dick Suskind, Irving does research, lucks into a manuscript written by a long-time Hughes associate, and plays on corporate greed. He’s quick-thinking and outrageously bold. Plus, he banks on Hughes’s reluctance to enter the public eye. At the same time, he’s trying to rebuild his marriage and deflect the allure of his one-time mistress, Nina Van Pallandt. Can he write a good book, take the money, and pull off the hoax?

Even though there were some parts where they lost me…probably because I was trying to wake up…but I think that you will find that movie really great, the bad things were the really stupid Historical mistakes and Gere’s wife in the movie, she was  really cold and boring , really hated her, she makes you think of standing up, picking up the TV and just throw it out of the window, which I didn’t do because I love my TV!

Watch the movie online : Here


Legends : Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho blog

Paulo Coelho is one of the most famous writers in the whole world…born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. …he has sold over 100 million books in over 150 countries worldwide and his works have been translated into 66 languages “big number..I know” ….he is one of the United Nations Messengers of Peace raising global awareness of the world body’s work and ideals..which is considered a really wonderful thing..the reason why I wrote about him today is that I found out that his book “Brida” which was published 1990 became available for anybody to read online for free…so check the book out its a really amazing Novel that will just amaze you :)…..you can check it out by clicking on the widget in the sidebar of my blog.

This is the story of Brida, a young Irish girl, and her quest for knowledge. She has long been interested in various aspects of magic but is searching for something more. Her search leads her to people of great wisdom, who begin to teach Brida about the spiritual world. She meets a wise man who dwells in a forest, who teaches her about overcoming her fears and trusting in the goodness of the world; and a woman who teaches her how to dance to the music of the world, and how to pray to the moon. As Brida seeks her destiny, she struggles to find a balance between her relationships and her desire to become a witch. This enthralling novel incorporates themes that fans of Paulo Coelho will recognize and treasure—it is a tale of love, passion, mystery, and spirituality from the master storyteller.

and this is the list of books he wrote : from Wikipedia


Portuguese Title

English Title


Arquivos do Inferno

Hell Archives


O Manual Prático do Vampirismo

Practical Manual of Vampirism


O Diário de um Mago

The Pilgrimage


O Alquimista

The Alchemist





O Dom Supremo

The Gift


As Valkírias

The Valkyries

O Diário de um Magus

The Diary of a Magus




Na margem do rio Piedra eu sentei e chorei

By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept


O Monte Cinco

The Fifth Mountain


Letras do amor de um prophet

Love Letters from a Prophet

Manual do guerreiro da luz

The Manual of the Warrior of Light


Veronika decide morrer

Veronika Decides to Die

Palavras essenciais

Essential Words


O Demônio e a srta Prym

The Devil and Miss Prym


Histórias para pais, filhos e netos

Fathers, Sons and Grandsons


Onze Minutos

Eleven Minutes


O Gênio e as Rosas

The Genie and the Roses

E no sétimo dia

And on the Seventh Day (collection of three previously published novels)


O Zahir

The Zahir

Caminhos Recolhidos

Revived Paths


Ser como um rio que flui

Like the Flowing River

A bruxa de Portobello

The Witch of Portobello


Vida: Citações selecionadas

Life: Selected Quotations


Funny : Internet People!


Funny…I have to share this :)

well….I was bored…so I went looking for some stuff to cheer me up and make me excited enough to go study for my History test “YAY me”…..so I found some cool stuff on makeuseof.com which were quite funny and one of them was this :

They actually made my day….hope you love it….


Check out today’s newspapers


so today’s word is “newspaper” …..I love front pages of newspapers…..just for no reason…I buy a newspaper…read the first page and then throw it away…of course after getting the cartoon section from it 🙂 …the front page is all about the inside…summarizing whats going on inside the newspaper, today…my hands landed on a great discovery of my own 🙂 …I feel like christopher columbus discovering America and saying “Hey, we are in India people 🙂 ” ….today’s discovery is the website that has all the front pages of most of the worlds newspapers and the website looks mainly like this

Cool….and check this out too…I found some interesting front pages of the day :

and this one : and the winner of the “least amounts of words on a front page goes to”……`drum rolls`…….

The Beijing News

I think the main headline is “Look at him running 3 miles”….or “He is running 3 miles”…

That’s our daily “News” round-up for the day….oh and by the way…the website link is :

The website


Sharing Bookmarks…My life explained

Hey guys, so today I decided to share my bookmarks with you guys…it all started when I couldn’t sleep in one dark stormy night 🙂 …not really….I was going to sleep but I found this website Go2web20 ….and I became a website junkie at that time of the night…I think I checked more than 400 websites in about 5 minutes and kept going till I fell asleep on the keyboard….

so here are the bookmarks in today’s Internet Round-up for the day :

so yeah….My bookmarks actually shows people my personality…my thoughts…my interests…and from the look of my bookmarks…I imagine you guys saying “that’s a really geeky freaky Egyptian dude”…I’ve to say I’m a little weird…but not psycho weird..but nice kind weird kind of a guy..oh and by the way…anybody wanna listen to an Egyptian radio station…switch to 104.2 Nile FM….its the best English speaking station in the Middle East…the link is in the bookmarks pic… 🙂 …and explaining why I’ve a wiki portal for occult…let’s just say I’m interested in that kind of stuff…but I swear I don’t practice any because of some reasons such as “I’m a chicken” and “I like to read….but not to act”….that’s our internet Round-up for the day…you got to love or hate it 🙂 …its your choice….let us know your bookmarks 🙂 …